Join the City of Sandy's GIGABIT community!

The wait is over!

With speeds up to a GIGABIT we really mean HIGH SPEED!

The average Internet connection in Sandy is less than 5mbps. SandyNet Fiber can deliver speeds up to 200 times faster than average giving you instant access to your online media. Whether you're downloading music, streaming movies, video conferencing with friends and family, or checking the latest sports scores, everything will happen in a snap with truly high speed Internet.

Beyond the alternatives

There's no doubt that fiber is the way of the future

A quick look at the basic packages of all providers available in Sandy tells a great story. With SandyNet Fiber we are able to deliver some of the fastest Internet connectivity in the world at a price that is comparable to a basic DSL connection today.

That's one of the advantages of having an Internet Service Provider that is owned by the citizens of Sandy and focused on serving the community as cost effectively as possible.

Expanded service options

Bringing you more than just Internet

The capacity of fiber is so huge that it doesn't make sense to stop at Internet service. With SandyNet Fiber we are adding to our service offerings voice and video service to allow customers a one stop shop for your home communication and entertainment needs. Check out the available packages to see details about the features available with these new additions!